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Reform your smile with Cosmetic braces

The main objective of cosmetic braces is to create much straighter teeth which will look amazing. This helps self esteem and gives you ultimate confidence in your smile.

  • Straightens crooked teeth
  • Removes gaps in your teeth
  • Closes an open bite
  • Helps with teeth cleaning

Clear braces

Clear braces are a fantastic alternative to wired treatment, they are clear aligners that are made to fit your teeth exactly and then the tooth straightening begins.
Example Price: £3000+!

Teeth whitening that produces results

Why not brighten your smile by up to a whopping 10 shades today?

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons such as: tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and even due to some foods.

What is Teeth whitening?

It?s a process which uses a chemical called hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to brighten and whiten the outsides of your teeth.
Example prices: Only £400!

Stunning Dental Crowns

A dental crown is simply a cap that fits over your original tooth to cover it so it can restore its size, strength, shape and improve its overall appearance. The crowns are cemented into its position that it can't move out of place during the whole procedure.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

  • They make the tooth look whole and undamaged.
  • They protect the tooth from any external damage.
  • They protect weaker teeth.

Modern implant technology

Dental implants are renowned for transforming your entire smile by replacing any missing teeth that you may have. We suggest going to a specialist implant dentist.

Benefits of having dental implants:

  • Instantly improved appearance / self-esteem
  • Speech can also be improved
  • Oral health maximises