A denture is made mainly from acrylic plastic and is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the gum area around the teeth

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Whatever age you are you may need dentures. Having gaps in your smile can cause lack of confidence and anxiety and dentures can help with this. If you have missing teeth and are not sure whether or not dentures are the solution best to give us a call and we can arrange a free consultation. There are other alternatives which we can discuss with you when you call.
At your initial consultation, the dentist will assess your needs and if you decide to go for dentures, he will make an impression and a wax bite to determine the dimensions, placement and position. A sample denture will be placed in to determine the exact fit, shape and colour for the final denture. When the final denture arrives back from the lab, some small adjustments may be made for your comfort. The whole process can take up to five visits to the surgery. Once you get your dentures it may take some time to get used to their feel, there is bound to be some settling in time required. Your ability to speak normally will take a few hours to regain and eating will be a little awkward for several days. It's best to start with soft, easily chewed foods for a while. You may also experience extra saliva for a while and a slight change in facial appearance.
They will need to be removed and brushed daily and special denture cleanser and a brush is available for this. For partial denture wearers, remove the denture before brushing the rest of your teeth. When you are not wearing the dentures soak it in special denture cleanser or water. You can use denture adhesive to better secure them, especially if you are wearing dentures for the first time. Better stability will help your confidence.
Dental implants can be considered as an alternative to dentures. Also Implant Retained Dentures offer a non-removable and more stable option. Click the links for more information.

A denture is made mainly from acrylic plastic and is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the gum area around the teeth. They may also contain porcelain and metal materials and are designed to resemble the look of your natural gum tissue and teeth.

Complete dentures are designed to replace all of the teeth and partial dentures replace various missing teeth. A cast of your jaw has to be made to have the dentures made up in a lab, this can take eight to twelve weeks. If teeth have been extracted your dentist may give you a temporary denture to protect your gums and allow them to heal, whilst waiting for your permanent dentures to arrive.

To discuss the Dentures we have available, and to talk about your specific treatment requirements, please call us now on 0845 222 1212. We’ll be happy to do everything we can in order to assist you over the telephone.

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