Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have gaps in your smile, or missing teeth, you have a few options for filling the gaps and restoring your smile. Your dentist will assess the best option for you based on how many teeth are to be replaced, where the gaps are in your mouth and your general gum and bone health.


Dental implants are made from titanium and are fitted into the jaw to act as a support for an abutment and crown. They are known to be the most long-lasting and reliable method available for replacing missing teeth.

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Bridges are made from porcelain or metal and are used to fill a gap in your smile from multiple missing teeth. Two crowns are placed on the teeth either side of the gap and an implant is inserted in the middle of the gap for support.

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These could be temporary dentures, partial dentures, full dentures or implant retained dentures. They are very useful for replacing odd gaps in the smile or whole arches and can be freely removable or secured with an implant.

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