Dental Crowns are used to cover damaged or unattractive teeth to restore an attractive smile.

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What is a dental crown?

A 'dental crown' is a popular form of cosmetic dentistry used to repair and enhance the appearance of damaged teeth and crowns tend to be used on teeth that have been damaged by decay, or teeth that have been filled with large, unsightly fillings. Also dental crowns are used to restore the natural shape of a tooth, while making it stronger so that tasks like eating and speaking are made easier for the patient.

 Why consider having a dental crown fitted?

  • Restores the natural shape of a tooth.
  • Can help when chewing food and speaking.
  • Dental crowns improve the overall appearance of broken or damaged teeth.
  • Custom designed to fit your specific tooth.

 All dental crowns are tailored specifically for your teeth. The process of having a dental crown fitted usually involves several trips to the dentist.

On the first trip the dentist will look at the effected tooth and make notes to ensure the dental crown is manufactured to the correct specifications. On the second trip, the dentist will apply the crown to your tooth using a special adhesive. A further trip to the dentist may be required in order to ensure the new crown is sitting comfortably on your tooth, and that no issues have arisen.

Having a dental crown fitted can help with self-confidence as well as your overall oral hygiene. If you have damaged teeth that look unsightly, or make it hard for you to chew and speak, having a dental crown fitted can help significantly. For more information about crown treatment, or to talk to one of operators about your dental requirements.

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